Lobster Rope Doormats on Sale

Lobster Rope Doormats

logos-tv-mag-lobster-rope-doormat-2.jpgTHE ORIGINAL LOBSTER ROPE DOORMATS, Since 2009 

Recycled Lobster Rope Doormats. Colorful, Made in USA Lobster Rope Mats are handwoven from actual Maine float-rope used by lobstermen to tether lobster traps together in the sea. Many Maine fishermen have switched to heavier sink-rope, which is safer to  marine wildlife. Now this reclaimed float-rope is being handwoven into beautiful and durable mats. The New England Trading Company, Ltd. is your exclusive source for eco-friendly reclaimed lobster rope. 

New Lobster Rope Doormats are made of the same nautical rope used by Maine lobstermen, however, it's new rope  that is brighter and more vibrant, and you choose your exact colors! Plus, we've just launched our new ColorWave Nautical Rope Doormats, which feature a vibrant dual weave.

Whichever welcome mat you choose you're getting the most durable, weather resistant doormat in the world. 

The Original Recycled Lobster Rope Doormats from The New England Trading Company, Ltd. As Seen on NBC's TODAY Show, in HGTV Magazine, and Better Homes & Gardens Magazine!

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