#2 Quality Recycled Sail Bag, Large

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Not many would consider these bags #2 quality. In fact, they feature the same bright recycled sailcloth in all of our bags and you can only tell very close up that there may be more wear and tear on the sailcloth. Perhaps they've traveled an extra journey or two. But, they are just as beautifu! We happen to be extra fussy...

Just like our #1 quality sail bags, these zippered totes are handcrafted in the USA from sails that have traveled the waterways of the world. What really makes them #2? As we said, for many they are still #1... but we are just extra picky with our quality! The sails used in these bags just happen to have a bit more character, some might say. Close up you may see some extra discoloration. While all recycled sail bags retain the original characteristics and wear of the sail (that's what makes each unique), you'll likely find a bit more staining on these. But, for the price, they are a steal! Plus, each bag still has the high quality stitching, rust-proof zipper, interior pockets, and study rope handles our bags are known for.

Made from recycled sails with 3 large inside pockets and 1 credit card pocket. Features water resistant lining and sturdy nautical rope handles. Measures approximately 24" x 14".

Handcrafted in the USA.
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