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5 Reasons Lobster Rope Makes the Best Outdoor Door Mats

5 Reasons Lobster Rope Makes the Best Outdoor Door Mats

Posted by New England Trading Co on 23rd Mar 2022

Lobster Rope Doormats are an excellent choice for outdoor mats - they brighten up your front door and stop dirt in its tracks, to name a few.

Here are 5 more reasons our customers love these outdoor doormats from Maine.

1. Lobster Rope was designed for tougher jobs than being an outdoor doormat.

Lobster Rope’s primary purpose is to tether lobster traps to buoys in the sea. That’s why it is engineered to withstand all kinds of tough ocean weather - salt, sun, rain, ice, storms - without breaking and losing the daily catch.

Since Lobster Rope is so tough and durable, it is just natural for it to be woven into weatherproof outdoor door mats that will last at your front door for years.

Perfect Doormat

"This doormat is colorful, and perfect for a seaside entryway. We have had a similar one that has been exposed to weather for years, without any fading, molding, or aging in any way." - Elsa D.

2. Lobster Rope will never grow mildew or mold - even in extreme rain or humidity.

Think about it: every time someone crossed your doormat, they track whatever is on it into your home.

Fast-drying Lobster Rope Doormats are mildew and mold resistant, helping improve your home's air quality and eliminating those odors that doormats often take on.

Love It!

"Worth every penny! Bought the navy with teal and silver stripe to replace the soggy mat I had at the front door which never seemed to dry. This is beautiful and holds up well to the elements in the northeast." - Ali J.

Hidden Treasure

"I love my new mat so much! I had to throw all of my deck mats out from last year as we had a very "wet" spring & summer....which lead to a lot of mold & mildew on my deck mats. I pressure washed them & it either tore them up or the mold just didn't come off. This Wicked Good Nautical mat is amazing! I have already turned the hose on it twice & it washed up beautifully, it also dried very quickly!" - Robin S.

3. Lobster Rope stands up to all sorts of abuse, even snowblowers.

"Looks like our mat survived the snowblower incident in pretty good shape!" - Judi H.

4. Lobster Rope is low maintenance.

Simply lift your Lobster Rope Doormat and sweep away all the dirt and sand it caught. Debris just passes through the special weave so your doormat never gets bogged down. You can just shake it off or spray it down with a garden hose right at your door.

Perfect Doormat

"We love our new doormat! This is our second one: the first was so easy to clean, and even in our HOT Texas summers the colors did not fade a bit. Just bought this larger size after remodeling our sunroom with larger French doors. Highly recommend!" - Becky E.

I Love It

"I love it. I’ve used other types of decorative mats sold in home improvement and home decorating stores, but they were soggy in bad weather and looked drab from daily use. This nautical rope mat looks great! It’s easy to clean, vibrant in color, and durable. Mine is only a few months old, but 3 rain storms including muddy shoes and paws later, it’s still clean. It was washed by the rain." - Lina S.

5. Lobster Rope’s value and quality are simply unmatched.

Because a Lobster Rope Doormat will last for years, not just a season, it is an incredibly economical way to invest in a good doormat. While other doormats are getting soggy, or dirty, or blowing away, your Lobster Rope Doormat keeps looking bright and cheery at your door.

Plus, it is good for the environment to invest in quality over quantity, reducing waste.

It’s a look-good, feel-good investment for your home!

Beautiful, Well-Made and Long-Lasting

“We have these mats in different colors at the front and back doors - they hold up well in all seasons and are beautiful accessories for the house!” - Tara H.

These Mats Are Wickedly Good!

“This is my second mat, and I absolutely love them. My first one has been beaten up by the weather, family and the dog but still looks new. I expect my new one to be just as good – the colors are great and exactly as pictured.” - Liz H.

Highly Recommend!

"Great durable product, easy maintenance, I power wash ours but you could clean them with a stiff brush and a powerful nozzle. We now have 4 of them. Our oldest 1 is 9 years old and the only issue is the rope color has faded but still serviceable. You get what you pay for and these are worth the price." - Michael B.

Very Pleased with the Doormat

"Very pleased with the doormat.. it is well made (probably last longer than the house!) and the colors are very vibrant. I have seen cheaper versions but they do not compare to this quality." - Alison M.

If you're looking for more tips on buying the right outdoor door mat for your home, here’s our full guide on how to buy the best outdoor door mat.

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