9 Reasons You'll Love Our Lobster Rope Basket

9 Reasons You'll Love Our Lobster Rope Basket

Posted by New England Trading Co on 4th Jan 2023

From fun and functional to bright and beautiful, our Lobster Rope Baskets work perfectly in any nook and cranny of your home.

Handwoven from authentic lobster rope - the same fishing rope used to tether lobster traps to buoys in the sea - these baskets effortlessly stand up to all seasons and will last for years. They come in different colors too, so they can perfectly fit in any home.

Step up your styling game with these unique rope baskets that'll withstand the test of time - here are 9 reasons you’d love to have them throughout your house:

If you love a pop of color outdoors, these Lobster Rope Baskets are the perfect outdoor planters for your flowers and houseplants. Water simply runs right through them so you won’t have to worry about a soggy planter or the roots of your plants rotting.

Our tightly woven containers also have two handles so you can quickly move your plants and flowers around. It’s easy to turn them into indoor and outdoor herb planters, too.

Mix and match these rope baskets to brighten up your front porch. Our coastal chic baskets look lovely when paired with Lobster Rope Doormats for a welcoming entrance that truly stands out.

Say goodbye to plastic boxes! From storing small toys in the nursery to stacking home office accessories to organizing bathroom supplies, the storage opportunities for Lobster Rope Baskets are endless.

Even your car keys, boat keys, and all those everyday essentials that pile up near the door are better stored in these rope baskets.

Line them up on a shelf in the living room to organize your magazines, TV remotes, and other small items.

Place them on a pantry shelf for easy access to contents.

Our multi-functional containers are stylish enough to match your home decor, making them the perfect fit for any room in the home.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a housewarming party, a holiday, or just because, you can fill up these Lobster Rope Baskets with savory snacks, fruits, freshly made muffins or other food items you’d love to give as gifts.

They make super sturdy and stylish gift containers that we even created the New England Chowder Lobster Rope Gift Basket that has all the essential soups and chowders you’d need to stay warm on a cold night - all arriving in (what else?) a Lobster Rope Basket.

Gather your napkins, forks, and spoons, plus condiments in these woven containers for your next outdoor gathering. While it’s a fun summer look for a coastal-inspired table setting, you can also use these Lobster Rope Baskets all year round on your dining table or coffee table. Add a bit of greenery, perhaps a beach-scented candle, and there you have a coastal chic display.

Carry your drinks and snacks to and from the beach in these sturdy baskets. Just give them a good hosing down when you’re done. Easy peasy!

Whether it’s a seashell collection, vintage dishes, bundles of driftwood, or dried flower arrangements you want to put on display, they all look so charming in Lobster Rope Baskets.

Make these containers in your home ready for any holiday celebration. Even better - you can repurpose them over and over again.

Add a nautical touch to your holiday decorations - perfect for Christmas arrangements, use these baskets for displaying evergreens, pinecones, berries, foliage, greenery and more. Add some lights, ribbons and bells to keep them fun and festive. Display Christmas cards, too.

Lean into the spirit of Easter season by filling up each rope basket with Easter eggs, grass, flowers and treats.

Dress up your basket as a Thanksgiving centerpiece and fill it with floral arrangements - whether you love the usual autumn oranges, prefer a soothing, subtle neutral palette or look forward to unexpected pops of color, these woven containers are an incredible decor solution.

Nothing better than an early Saturday morning at the farmer's market! Durable and easy to carry, your Lobster Rope Basket works well for a small produce haul. Treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers or stash in some fresh herbs and baked goods. You can even wash your produce and let them air dry right in the rope basket.

Loving these Lobster Rope Basket ideas? Feel free to share your own creative rope basket ideas - we’d love to learn about them!

For more ways on how to use the Lobster Rope Basket throughout your home, check out these super easy, customer-approved tips.

Looking for more coastal decor that works beautifully with the Lobster Rope Baskets?

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9 Reasons You'll Love Our Lobster Rope Basket