Antique Brass Sextant Navigation Instrument in Rosewood Gift Box

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A stunning functional replica of the nautical sextant - a seafaring navigation device that measures the angular distance between two visible objects. Often used for celestrial navigation to measure the angle between an astronomical object (moon, stars) and Earth's horizon. First implemented in the 1700s, it gave sailors excellent precision for determining their ship's location.

Designed and crafted with outstanding detail and quality, and using a rack and pinion mechanism, this sextan has a heavy pattern of solid brass with an antique finish. Perfect for gift giving, it arrives in a beautiful rosewood gift box and is a lovely nautical addition to any coastal style room. A wonderful desk gift for anyone who loves boating, the coast, or anything nautical. A true conversation-starter. Measures 4.5" x 4.5" x 2.5".