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2023 Stone Drink Dispenser,  7 Easy Tips Updated

2023 Stone Drink Dispenser, 7 Easy Tips Updated

6th May 2019

Stone Drink Dispenser, 7 Tips to Maximize Enjoyment (2023 updated)

As far as bar gifts go, the Stone Drink Dispenser from Funky Rock Designs usually takes the cake. With it's natural granite aesthetic, tumbled beach stone handle, and stainless steel spigot it works great on any bar and is always a conversation starter. While these "booze dispensers" weigh anywhere from 15-18 pounds (each is one of a kind), they are actually incredibly easy to use and re-use. So here's how to get the most out of your new bar topper: 

1) At initial use, and whenever you add a new bottle, be sure to flush the dispenser with fresh soapy water to clear out any dust. Rinse by opening the spigot and letting fresh water run through. 

Natural Stone Rock Drink Dispenser

2) Attach bottles by placing the rock dispenser upside down, then turn over the bottle and dispenser together as one. Let gravity do its thing!

Placing Bottle On Rock Drink Dispenser

3) Or, go the easier route and get a new Stone Drink Dispenser Bottle Stopper which cleverly lets you add a bottle without lifting the rock. Open your bottle, plug it with the stopper and place on dispenser. One little tug on the stopper cord dislodges the stopper and you can start pouring (you'll know you did it right when you see bubbles). Check out the step by step video below.

4) Avoid carbonated beverages - they don't do well upside down!

5) Add a 4" x 4" granite riser (sold separately) if you want to add height to your piece and be able to serve from anywhere on your bar, not just the edge.

6) Use .750 or 1.5ml bottles for best results.

7) Do not store open bottles in the dispenser for long-term use. Stone is naturally porous and will sweat over time. 

Any questions? Contact us anytime at for more tips and gift ideas.

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2023 Stone Drink Dispenser,  7 Easy Tips Updated