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How Do You Make Green Beer? (And Other Pressing St. Patrick's Day Thoughts)

Posted by Karen Mayo Marsh on 22nd Feb 2016

How Do You Make Green Beer?

It seems so simple, right? Add a few drops of green food coloring to your beer and voila! Green beer. 

If you don't mind trial and error, go for it! But if you are tinting one of your favorite (and expensive) microbrews, read on.

First, you want to start with a light-colored beer, such as a pilsner or pale ale. You may love your dark lagers and porters but to get those to the right hue you have to add so much food coloring that you'll have a mouthful of green with every sip. Green moustache. Green teeth. Not cute.

Grab either a pint glass or a growler. For a pint, drop 3-5 drops of green food coloring into the bottom. For a growler, try 15-18 drops. Do this step before adding beer so you won't have to stir to mix it, which can make the beer go flat.

Next, slowly pour the beer into a the glass/growler (4 pints for the 64 oz. growler). Watch the color swirl and mix as it meets the beer. 

Last step? Enjoy! (Responsibly!)

Need other urgent St. Paddy's Day tips?

  • Do not attempt to steal a pot of gold from any shillelagh-wielding leprechauns. 
  • Carry a shillelagh if you choose not to wear green.
  • Erin Go Bragh does not mean "Kiss Me I'm Irish".
  • "Top of the Morning to You" is apparently a Hollywood invention.
  • If you hear "Póg Mo Thóin", walk away.

Have a safe and fun celebration!

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