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How Do You Restore a Wooden Bowl?

15th Mar 2016

With proper care, quality wood bowls are meant to last a lifetime. However if you're dealing with an well-used bowl that has plenty of build up, staining, and possibly a rancid smell, simply follow these steps to restore it:

1. Build up is usually from vegetable based oils, which leads to bacteria growth and the bowl feels tacky or sticky. Using a non-abrasive scrub pad, apply lemon juice to the bowl and build up to remove the old layers of oil. 

2. Sometimes it takes more than one go-over with the scrubber and lemon juice to completely remove the layers. Once removed, wash in warm sudsy water and towel dry well. 

3. Generously apply a food safe, mineral oil to the bowl. Let it sit for 24 hours. Once dry, your bowl is ready to use!

Be sure to always use a bowl and board rub that is non-vegetable based to avoid future buildup. 

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