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How Do You Season a Wood Bowl?

Posted by Karen Mayo Marsh on 15th Mar 2016

If you do not know whether your bowl has already been seasoned for its first use, don't despair. It won't hurt the bowl to be seasoned again using these simple steps. How Do You Season a Wood Bowl

1. Wash the bowl in warm soapy water using a mild soap. Never leave the bowl sitting in water and avoid the dishwasher. Rinse and dry so that all water is removed.

2. Generously apply a good quality mineral oil or preserver (avoid vegetable oils which can lead to tacky build up) to a soft cloth and apply in smooth motions to the bowl being sure to cover the entire surface. Let sit for 24 hours.

3. After 24 hours, the bowl should be dry and ready to use.

To preserve the moisture content of your wood bowl be sure to treat it with a good rub at least once a month (twice if frequently used) or whenever it is feeling dry. Water will dry out your bowl so be sure to have plenty of wood preserver on hand. 

All of our bowls arrive pretreated by hand with our  food-safe organic bowl and board rub, which can also be used to season and regularly maintain your bowls.

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