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Miracle Potion? Yes.

Miracle Potion? Yes.

Posted by Karen Mayo Marsh on 6th Mar 2015

Wood Bowl & Board Preserver from New England Trading Company On Sale Now

No two words are better to describe what our Wooden Bowl & Board Preserver can do for your wooden bowls, wood cutting boards, and wooden utensils! But here are a few runner-ups:

“Wicked amazing!”

“Unbelievable Difference”

“Instant Rejuvenation”

“Absolutely Can’t-Live-Without-It”

OK, that last one was more than two words. But customers who have tried it agree: using our rub on your woodenware keeps them in tip-top shape to last a lifetime!

Just what makes it sooooo good!? It is a 190-year-old formula of just the right blend of bees wax, canuba oil, and just a couple of other oils that give your wooden utensils, bowls, and boards a glowing sheen that rejuvenates, restores, and protects them. And, it is 100% organic, food-safe, and has no scent or taste.

If you have any wooden kitchenware in your home, whether purchased from us or not, we urge you to keep it in top shape for a lifetime with our Wood Bowl and Board Preserver!

You can always get it for under $12 from us anytime. However, we believe in it so much, for a limited time, we are making it available for a special price of just $9.95 each. You save 20% and you keep you woodenware like new for a lifetime!

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Miracle Potion? Yes.