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New England Trading Company in OHIO?

New England Trading Company in OHIO?

Posted by Karen Mayo Marsh on 13th Mar 2015

Home of the start of The New England Trading Company in Waterford, VermontI am often asked, "What is The New England Trading Company doing in Ohio?"

I am always happy to share our story...

My husband and I started The New England Trading Company in 2009 from the kitchen of our Waterford, Vermont home. As two native New Englanders (he grew up in New Hampshire and I in Vermont) we wanted to share all the great products found in New England with the rest of the world. (One of the interesting things about New England is that because the states are so small, natives are used to traveling from one state to another all the time. You basically grow up feeling "at home" in all of the states!).

The very first product we sold was the Lobster Rope DoormatTM. We were so excited to offer these wonderful Maine-made mats. While we loved these mats, we had no idea how popular they would become and were so excited when national media started carrying their story.

Being a new family with small children, when my husband Jeff (a career marketing professional) was recruited to head up a company in Ohio, we felt it important to pursue that opportunity. So... I brought the company with us! Now, as a displaced New Englander, I believe even more strongly in sharing our region's products with the rest of the world. We've also begun to expand to other states, but will only carry Made in the USA products. You can tell which products are from New England because we always include that on the product page (which state it is from). If it’s made outside New England we always note "Made in USA". About 85% of our products are still from New England.

And that is the story of how The New England Trading Company came to be located in Ohio.

If you have a unique handcrafted item idea you'd like to share, please contact us.

Thank you for your interest and support.

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New England Trading Company in OHIO?