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New Spring Decorating Ideas: Lobster Rope Basket Flower Pot

Posted by Karen Mayo Marsh on 18th Feb 2016

Spring Decorating Ideas: Lobster Rope Gift Baskets

Here's an easy pick-me-up for those of us who are ready for spring color. 

We took a Medium Lobster Rope Basket and inserted its circular base (this is a standard base that arrives with all baskets and helps maintain the basket shape). We then stuffed it completely full with newspaper so that the polypropylene rope would stretch into a nice circle. This step lets the flexible rope mold into the circular shape you want, since the basket usually ships flat. Let it sit for about 1 hour. 

Next, we discarded the newspaper to the recycle bin, grabbed a potted tulip plant (which is showing up in stores right about now) and simply placed it inside. Voila! Instant spring with a nautical twist.

Since Lobster Rope Baskets are naturally mildew, mold, and water resistant they make a perfect flower pot. Just be sure the you protect the surface where you place your basket. 

You can also spray a water resistant sealer on the circular base for even more protection. Or ditch the base, fill the basket with good soil, grab some seeds, and use it as your outdoor table planter this year!

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