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​The Virtually Indestructible Sailcloth Bag

​The Virtually Indestructible Sailcloth Bag

Posted by Karen Mayo Marsh on 6th Mar 2015

For obvious reasons, sailcloths have to be one of the most durable cloths available on the planet. Throughout history, sails have been made of linen, cotton, flax – even heavy canvas. Today, most sails are made of woven Dacron and Kevlar – chosen for their strength, yes, but also because they are more lightweight, flexible, and water-resistant.

Sailcloth can withstand not only consistently heavy wind, but even huge wind gusts without ripping. And, with Dacron’s tight weave, while not 100% waterproof, it is very water resistant to waves and spray. And, it’s not easily prone to scratching, tearing, or scuffs.

These are excellent traits for totesduffel bagshandbagsbackpacks, and more

Recycled sailcloth is so rugged, it carries your belongings without fear of a hole or rip – and keeps your things dry if you happen to set it in a puddle, or spill a drink (outside of the bag!). And with maritime zippers throughout, the zippers don’t create rust stains on your bag if they get wet. 

The authentic nautical look and feel of the recycled sails themselves provide one of the coolest looks around. With classic zig zag stitching to reinforce the authentic sewing techniques of sails in the original form, and the bold, bright designs added for chic style, you get durable function with form!Sailcloth bags stand up to the rough treatment we can tend to put them through, whether part of our daily routine, or the added handling of travel.

One of the cool things about recycled sails as totes is that each one is unique. You can even find original grommets and other cools part of a sail that once flew over a body of water right on your bag – what a great look, and an even better conversation starter!

Browse our full selection of recycled sailcloth bags – every one we offer is handcrafted and made in USA. 

Authentic original details make their way into our recycled sail bags, like this grommet, adding to the nautical feel and unique character of each and every sailcloth bag     Classic nautical style zig-zag stitching enhances the nautical look and feel every recycled sailcloth bag emanates    Maritime zippers provide an easy gliding zipper, but security to protect your belongings, and never rust - the perfect zippers for our sail bags

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​The Virtually Indestructible Sailcloth Bag