Using Your New Stone Drink Dispenser, 6 Quick Tips

Posted by Karen Mayo Marsh on 28th Aug 2014

Using Your New Stone Drink Dispenser, 6 Quick Tips

What's the coolest gift in town? Right now it's these funky Rock Drink Dispensers! Hitting the bars across America, people love them for their unique design, natural aesthetic, and smooth pours. Handcrafted in two styles, you choose from the rounded natural stone style, or the square cobblestone block. From our store to your door, it only take a few minutes to start serving your drinks in style. 

Natural Stone Rock Beverage Dispenser

´┐╝Before you use your stone drink dispenser here are a few helpful tips:

1) At initial use, and whenever you add a new bottle, be sure to flush the dispenser with fresh soapy water to clear out any dust.

2) Attach bottles by placing the rock dispenser upside down, then turn over the bottle and dispenser together as one. Enjoy! 

Placing Bottle On Rock Drink Dispenser

3) Not intended for use with carbonated beverages.

4) All of our rock dispensers are made with a superior sturdy stainless steel valve. That feature is very important as other valves have been known to cause leakage.

5) Do not use oversized bottles and do not store bottles in the dispenser for long-term use. Stone is naturally porous and can sweat over time. 

6) Don't forget to add a granite riser for a nice, raised appearance on your bar.

Discover the Granite Cobblestone or Natural Stone Drink Dispenser with stainless steel valve and pre-tested for leakage right here. Hurry while our Free Shipping promotion lasts!