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What is Lobster Rope?

What is Lobster Rope?

Posted by The NE Trading Co on 22nd Dec 2022

Lobster Rope, or nautical rope, is long-lasting polypropylene rope used to tether lobster traps in the ocean. It is marine-grade commercial fishing line.

Designed to last despite extreme weather conditions and the roughest of waters, lobster rope makes outstanding material for outdoor items, like front door mats.

Lobster rope is engineered to sustain extreme oceanic weather and therefore is mildew & mold resistant, won't ever rot, and dries quickly. Keeping fishing lines intact is an important job, so this rope is built to last.

That's what makes it so great when woven into outdoor doormats - it's ready for your sun, sand, snow, salt, and dirt.

Resist Mildew

Lobster rope dries very quickly, making it a superior material for front door mats. Mildew & mold-resistant, they are breathable even in the worst weather and won't retain odors.

Retains Shape

Polypropylene rope comes in many sizes and colors resulting in a beautiful array of doormat choices to work with any decor. Plus, it will never shrink and reforms its shape quickly if folded or stored.


Often twisted or braided, polypropylene rope is heavyweight & extra strong so it's also used for towing, docking, or for heavy loads. This is why Lobster Rope Doormats weigh 7-10 lbs each.

Traps Dirt

The strength of nautical lobster rope combined with the doormat's special weave catches dirt and sand like no other, but will not retain it. This means your doormat won't get heavy with dirt after long use. Simply lift it periodically and sweep away the sand and dirt it captured.

Easy to Clean

Lobster Rope welcome mats are as easy to clean as rubber doormats. Simply shake it out or hose it down right at your door. You'll never need to use harsh chemicals or cleaners.

Added UV Protection

The new lobster rope used by The New England Trading Co. has been treated with UV protection against fading. Eventually all rope fades over long periods of time, but these mats age beautifully while still retaining their appeal and strength.

What are the different type of Lobster Rope Doormats available?

Wicked Good Lobster Rope Mats

Handwoven from the heaviest-weight lobster rope, these nautical stripe outdoor doormats weigh 7-10 lbs. each. They come in over 30 different color combinations to suit any front door decor. As with all Lobster Rope Doormats, Wicked Good Nautical Doormats are mildew, mold and weather resistant, plus have added UV protection.

Because our polypropylene doormats last for years they are a great choice for people who love to reduce waste. The typical homeowner will go through multiple outdoor doormats in the lifespan of one Lobster Rope Doormat.

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Recycled Lobster Rope Doormats

True pieces of maritime history, these upcycled rope doormats are handwoven from used lobster rope that is still beautiful, strong, and functional. They've got a great story, too. They were originally woven from 100% "float-rope" that became illegal to use because it was ensnaring the Northern Right Whale. Fishermen turned the rope in for vouchers to buy heavier "sink-rope". Today they are a great outlet for this used commercial rope that might otherwise stay in the ocean or move to landfills. They are long-lasting, colorful, and each is one-of-a-kind.

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ColorWave Nautical Rope Doormats

Just like our Wicked Good rope doormats, ColorWave welcome mats are handwoven from new commercial lobster rope and are long-lasting, mildew & mold-resistant, and have added UV protection. What makes these outdoor door mats unique is their attractive double weave that often features two contrasting rope colors together (we do carry solid colors as well). This polypropylene rope is a bit more flexible then the rope used in our Wicked Good Lobster Rope Mats, but is just as strong. They have a slightly softer hand. Available in multiple colors.

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Lobster Rope 101

Check out the different types of nautical rope doormats availabe at The New England Trading Company.

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