What is Lobster Rope?

Posted by The NE Trading Co on 4th Mar 2020

  1. Lobster Rope, or Nautical Rope, is long-lasting polypropylene rope used to tether lobster traps in the ocean. It is considered commercial fishing rope.
  2. Due to its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and the roughest of waters, lobster rope makes outstanding material for outdoor items, like doormats.
  3. It is water-resistant, mildew & mold resistant, won't ever rot, and dries quickly. Keeping fishing lines intact is an important job, so this rope is built to last.
  4. Polypropylene rope comes in many sizes and colors. It will never shrink and is resistant to salt used on icy walkways.
  5. Often twisted or braided, polypropylene rope is heavyweight & extra strong so it's also used for towing, docking, or for heavy loads.
  6. Some polypropylene rope floats; others are created to sink to protect marine wildlife.

LOBSTER ROPE 101 in 1 Minute