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Where to Buy Nautical Charts Online

Posted by Karen Mayo Marsh on 9th Aug 2017

Where to Buy Nautical Charts Online?

Essential tools for navigation, nautical charts depict maritime and nearby coastal areas to identify depths of water, height of land, seabed features, hazards, tides, currents, and more. 

Plus...they look very chic in your coastal getaway.

In fact, they've grown in popularity in recent years for home decorating projects. 

First, find your map.

You can gain access to thousands of high-resolution printable nautical charts from the Office of Coast Survey and download them as PDFs. Here's an example of one I downloaded depicting Martha's Vineyard to Block Island

What can you do with these nautical gems? The crafting options are endless! 

Repurpose an old window frame

Transform old furniture with nautical maps

Design your own nautical map lampshades

You know that one family member who always wanted to buy a laminating machine? Go for it and make

Find Nautical Chart Decor Online

yourself  laminated map placemats.

Spruce up old chairs into charming coastal pieces with a little sanding, polyurethane, and Mod Podge... here's a fun tutorial on how to get it done.

Now, for those of you looking for a more instant coastal transformation, check out our new line of Vintage Style Nautical Charts. These superb nautical map reproductions are digitally restored in full color from 1950 when they were still being drawn by hand. Scan our collection from Cape CodMartha's VineyardNaples & Marco Island, and many more. Each is printed on heavy-weight large vellum paper and installed on a wood scroll. Ships to you in a tube and is ready to hang - voila! Instant gratification.

Do you have fun ideas for re-purposing old maps? We'd love to hear about them!

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