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Why Buy Made in USA Products?

Posted by Karen Mayo Marsh on 17th Jul 2014

Wooden bowls being waxed by hand to preserve them for years to come

Why Buy Made in USA Products?

“Made in America” is a statement that addresses more than geography. “Made in America” is a promise of quality, and an expectation of excellence that is ingrained in the work ethics and skills of the American worker. While there are many reasons why customers, “Shop American,” their desire for quality goods certainly heads the short list of reasons for most consumers, as does their yearning for a distinctly American product. The essence of the American spirit is one of uniqueness, and when Americans buy unique gifts made in the USA, they are tapping into a reservoir of manufacturing excellence.

Made in America: Quality Goods

We have all seen the uneven quality of knock-off foreign goods lining the shelves of discount retailers, and their quality suffers by comparison when placed against an American-made product. As such, it is easy to see where these imports get their savings. The old adage, “You get what you pay for,” is an old adage because it is true however, and when you purchase unique gifts in the USA, you know that you are paying for the very best product that stores have to offer.

Responsible Manufacturing

American workers not only craft unique gifts, they also create unique opportunities for responsible manufacturing processes. Unlike other manufacturing nations in the world, our factories operate in ways that are much cleaner for the environment than those practices of many other countries. Eschewing the dangerously polluting practices of many developing nations, American companies are determined to leave a cleaner planet along with their superior consumer product.

Not only to American production processes seek to leave a diminished carbon footprint on the planet, they’re also committed to delivering a safe product into the hands of consumers. Safety standards in foreign manufacturing plants are notoriously low, and the media is replete with stories of tainted toys making their way into the bedrooms of unsuspecting American families.

Why Buy Made in The USA Products?

If you are shopping around for unique gift ideas, then you should be shopping for unique gifts made in the USA to ensure that your product captures the essence of the American spirit, and does so in a sustainable way that protects our planet and protects our families.

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