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Why Coasters Make Great Gifts

Posted by Karen Mayo Marsh on 22nd Aug 2014

Coasters Make Great Gifts - Really!

They seem so boring... coasters. But rest assured, they are needed in any home with furniture, kids, or adults that act like kids. If you are anything like me, you dread the sight of a cold beverage resting on polished wood. You shiver when you envision a solitary soda in repose on your new coffee table. You remember another time when you had to frantically searched online for the phrase "remove white rings on furniture" and found yourself blow drying your dining room table. You, like me, know that it only takes a few seconds for a nice cold drink to leave a permanent scar on your favorite end table.

Here's our list of favorite coaster gifts that can't be boring because they each have such a great story:

Crushed Lobster Shell Coasters - made in Maine using actual recycled lobster shell. They're nice and smooth with a clear, resilient finish. Always a conversation starter.

Recycled Record Coasters - these make very cool gifts with vintage titles sure to please any music lover.

Man Coasters - heavy and rugged New Hampshire granite coasters perfect for the Man Cave.

Grab a set or two to have on hand whenever you need a quick hostess gift. Great coasters not only protect, but add to your decor. 

All made in the USA.

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