Sail Bags in Every Color of the Rainbow

Posted by Karen Mayo Marsh on 11th Jul 2017

Just announced by Salvaged Sails, and carried exclusively by The New England Trading Company, is an exciting color line expansion of Recycled Sail Bags in the best-selling Anchor design. While na … read more

5 Refreshing Chilled Water Drinks to Invigorate You!

Posted by Karen Mayo Marsh on 27th Mar 2017

We've all heard the advice that to stay properly hydrated we need to drink eight 8 oz. glasses of water every single day. Some days that advice is easy to follow. Other days... well, let's just say th … read more

Compass Rose Nautical Gifts Inspire Us All

Posted by Karen Mayo Marsh on 26th Sep 2016

Today we received in a shipment of our handcrafted Compass Rose Copper Wall Hanging, prompting me to muse over how popular this piece has been over the years. The artisan had included a friendly littl … read more

Personalized, Handcrafted Christmas Pillows Made the List!

Posted by Karen Mayo Marsh on 3rd Aug 2016

It is August 3rd, 2016 and I am going to hang on to every last drop of summer I possibly can. Yet, even I have to  admit that a new school year is around the corner (no!) and soon I'll be … read more