Best New England Vacation Ever

Posted by Karen Mayo Marsh on 3rd Aug 2016

What was your favorite New England vacation? It seems I've had the most fun re-exploring the places in which I grew up and remembering just how much I appreciate the mountains and lakes, the majestic … read more

How Do You Restore a Wooden Bowl?

15th Mar 2016

With proper care, quality wood bowls are meant to last a lifetime. However if you're dealing with an well-used bowl that has plenty of build up, staining, and possibly a rancid smell, simply follow th … read more

How Do You Season a Wood Bowl?

Posted by Karen Mayo Marsh on 15th Mar 2016

If you do not know whether your bowl has already been seasoned for its first use, don't despair. It won't hurt the bowl to be seasoned again using these simple steps. 1. Wash the bowl in warm soa … read more

New Spring Decorating Ideas: Lobster Rope Basket Flower Pot

Posted by Karen Mayo Marsh on 18th Feb 2016

Here's an easy pick-me-up for those of us who are ready for spring color. We took a Medium Lobster Rope Basket and inserted its circular base (this is a standard base that arrives with all b … read more