Brontosaurus Bone Lockback Knife, Limited Edition

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Limited Edition
The 150 million-year-old gemstone in this unique handcrafted knife is actually a section of petrified bone from a Brontosaurus. Found in northwestern New Mexico, it's age was scientifically determined by the well-defined strata in which it was found. Brontosaurs that lived on Earth millions of years ago were large four-legged creatures with elephant-sized feet and long necks and tails. At the height of the Age of Dinosaurs, they roamed the swamps and marshes of the Southwest in search of food. Remains of these large creatures were buried in mud and sand, transforming into rock.The colors of the bone vary dramatically depending upon the minerals surrounding it as it became petrified.

As a common material for knife handles, an artisan has embedded into the black jet (gem grade coal) handle of this 3" lock back knife. Of rare beauty, each knife is completed in a journey of countless painstaking steps to ensure an knife of uncommon quality and design. Arrives in a gift box with a Certificate of Authenticity that can be registered with the artisan. Also included are care and use instructions. 

With plenty of sauropod (brontosaurus) bones available for the scientific community to study, this is your chance to own a small piece of the world as it was 150 million years ago. A tangible reminder of the amazing and mysterious animals that used to rule the world. 

Each knife arrives with a 100% unconditional guarantee for workmanship and quality from the artisan.. 

Handcrafted in the USA.