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Coastal Grandmother Style: The Definitive Guide

Coastal Grandmother Style: The Definitive Guide

Posted by New England Trading Co on 2nd Aug 2022

Coastal Grandmother style is a timeless way of life that’s been around for years. Rather than just a trend, its a chic aesthetic that embodies the relaxed feeling of living on the coast.

Casual, refined, yet laid-back, a coastal grandmother is effortlessly cool and stylish.

What is Coastal Grandmother Style and Why Is It So Popular?

The term "coastal grandmother" was coined by TikTok user Lex Nicoleta who explains that this understated way of life goes beyond fashion. This style is characterized by activities and items that affluent, middle-aged women who live on the coast thoroughly enjoy.

From cozy sea-inspired interiors to breezy garments to incredible hosting skills, the coastal grandmother aesthetic embodies a classic charm and timeless style.

She lives a calm, unhurried life - the type of person who can sit on her front porch looking elegant yet casual, friendly with neighbors and strangers alike.

What Is The Coastal Grandmother Vibe?

Think Diane Keaton in Nancy Meyer’s film “Something’s Gotta Give” (if you haven’t watched it yet, we highly recommend it!)

Erica, Diane’s character, is an elegant woman in her mid-fifties who lives in a beautiful and refined beach house in the Hamptons. She is elevated yet approachable, chic yet casual. Her home is light, airy and organic. Her children are independent, and she leads a full life of her own.

Call it beach style or a modern coastal, or Hamptons style, a Coastal Grandmother exudes confidence and class.

A Day in the Life of a Coastal Grandmother

Coastal grandmothers elevate life’s simple pleasures. She rises from her crisply appointed beige, cream, and white bedroom accented with fresh flowers from her garden on the bedside table.

Her porch overlooks the water as she enjoys a sunrise while sipping coffee in her striped linen pajama set.

Her sweet companion dog is ready for his morning beach walk so she grabs her straw hat on the way out.

Later, breakfast from her stylish open concept white kitchen with crisp white quartz countertops is healthy yet divine, with fresh fruit she picked up yesterday at the farmer’s market.

Later she will dress in soft linen and head off to visit the marketplaces in the quaint small town in which she lives, where she will pick up more fresh produce, check out the daily catch, and select a delicious Chardonnay all while planning a casual, yet elevated dinner that evening for 2-3 of her favorite girlfriends.

The coastal grandmother lifestyle is nothing new, and it is not only about the beach but creating a beautiful life and home for oneself.

How Do I Get the Coastal Grandmother Look?

You can channel this relaxed yet refined coastal lifestyle with these tips:

Cooking - the coastal grandma puts together decadent meals for lavish dinner parties or fancy full breakfast dates; the fresher the ingredients, the better.

Cool, refreshing cocktails are served in style in engraved glasses as she perfects the balance between elegance and casual comfort.

Hosting - she loves setting the mood and greeting guests with genuine warmth; a thoughtful tablescape with luxe candles and fresh greenery across a whitewashed wooden table surrounded by beautiful wicker chairs also makes for an unforgettable soiree.

Gardening - she takes out her straw sun hat, silk headscarf, beach-inspired rope basket, and minimalist clogs for a morning of flower pruning or fruit picking.

Spending time at the beach - relaxing strolls, seaside reading, and picnics on luxurious beach throws... a Coastal Grandmother whips up crowd-pleasing sangrias, carries them in a stylish tote, and serves them in crystal clear unbreakable glassware.

Visiting the farmer’s market - weekend trips to the farmer’s market are a must and she brings an iconic tote bag to haul her fresh loaves of bread and locally grown produce.

What is Coastal Grandmother Design For Your Home?

Decorating her home to perfection - modern coastal decor takes center stage as a Coastal Grandmother’s minimal aesthetic is all about celebrating the simple, laid-back pleasures of living the seaside life.

Coastal Grandmother Style is heavily influenced by the colors and textures of modern coastal decor. Clean and crisp designs, and chic sensibility say it all.

To create an open, airy feel of walking by the seaside, a coastal grandmother’s home usually has soft white walls to brighten up her space. Simple window treatments let maximum light in - there is nothing like natural light.

The Lily Pad Cottage

Using a neutral palette, the coastal grandmother aesthetic thrives on earthy tones and textures that can be layered with fresh whites, muted grays, and sandy beiges.

Achieving a cozy and effortless look, her furniture is often made from light woods, rattan, or wicker.

She loves greeting guests with authentic, sea-inspired rope mats in nautical navy, sandy beige, and other cool coastal colors.

Seagrass baskets and driftwood pieces are dotted around her light, airy rooms, and she loves letting the natural light in to brighten up her home.

All about bringing the beach into your home, a coastal grandma uses sophisticated neutrals like a gray and beige rope doormat or a beach stone lamp add interest and keep the space cozy.

She puts emphasis on craftsmanship and brings in high-quality artisanal decor, like well-crafted woven trays and decorative wooden bowls, to lend more character to her thoughtfully designed space.

A coastal grandmother’s home has colors and materials that exude warmth and promote relaxation. Her cozy interiors feel homey and lived in yet elegant and refined.

Is Coastal Grandmother Style Just a Trend?

Not just a trend, it is a lifestyle that embodies a relaxed atmosphere, an appreciation of natural beauty, and the enjoyment of leisurely days. You don’t have to live by the sea or be a grandmother to enjoy this.

The coastal grandma style is well-loved by many younger people who seek nostalgia and truly appreciate cozy and refined living.

Coastal Grandmother Fashion

Epitomizing summer sophistication, coastal grandmother fashion style is about exuding casual, seaside-inspired elegance.

Perfect for having brunch with friends, midday errands, or an evening beach stroll, these essential OOTD items are all about laidback-luxe style:

Authentic sailcloth bags
Woven totes
Breezy linen garments
Classic button-down shirts
Cozy cashmere sweaters
Knit cardigans
Light-colored denim and chino pants
Wide-leg linen pants
Cute smock dresses
Flat sandals
Stylish (and sensible) clogs
Straw hats
Classic or vintage-inspired sunglasses
Gold jewelry and pearls
And don’t forget the minimal white bucket hat to channel one’s inner Diane Keaton

Do you feel like you’re a coastal grandmother at heart? This chic-granny aesthetic is something we’ll never get tired of seeing!

Want to transform your space the coastal grandma style? Our Lobster Rope Doormats can bring you plenty of inspiration for your own home with their neutral colors that help create a warm, friendly front door.

Looking for more accessories that a coastal grandmother will approve of?

“Every time I stand before a beautiful beach, its waves seem to whisper to me: If you choose the simple things and find joy in nature’s simple treasures, life and living need not be so hard.”
-Psyche Roxas-Mendoza

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