Coastal Grandmother's Guide to Coastal Decor: 6 Timeless Tips

Coastal Grandmother's Guide to Coastal Decor: 6 Timeless Tips

Posted by BigCommerce on 8th Mar 2023

Whether you own a coastline home or just dream of the crashing waves, adding elements of nautical decor to your home promotes a cool, calming vibe that will transform your house into a haven.With countless options for coastal accessories and furniture, you’ll never run out of ideas. But first, these 6 pillars of coastal design will help you set the perfect stage for your seaside escape.

Coastal Decor Tips


It’s not always about displaying items with anchors, starfish, and sailboats printed on them. Achieving the perfect bright breezy feeling is more of a subtle approach.

A very common rule of thumb is to invest in shades of white, cream, and neutral shades when choosing major pieces, like your sofas, as well as paint color for your walls.

If you're worried that an all-white room will produce too much coolness, don't. A blank palette is the goal. Like bleached sand that displays shells and sea glass, your white canvas will be the perfect backdrop for dashes of color in the form of brightly colored pillows, accessories, and nautical wall decor.

"My favorite color is the ocean"


Take loads of inspiration from the ocean’s amazing array of colors. Nautical colors such as blue, sea green, and turquoise are perfect choices for statement walls, vases, and other accessories, plus the right color selection aids in creating the relaxing effect found in coastal homes.

The color blue, for instance, has a calming effect that makes it a wonderful choice for beach homes. Shades of green are associated with refreshment and peace.

With the proper layering of these colors in your coastal décor and accessories, you'll achieve that sought-after feeling of a beach escape. But don’t be afraid to toss in some bright nautical red for added punch.


Natural light not just brightens your mood, but according to Feng Shui is a positive factor that transforms a room's energy. Curtains can block your view of the world, so try to avoid heavy fabrics and keeping your windows neat and uncluttered. If possible, keep your windows uncovered and pick out a light sheer fabric that adds a bright and breezy feel to your room.

If you are in need of additional lighting in areas of your room, choose natural elements like this Stacked Stone Coastal Lamp.

One cannot collect all the beautiful seashells on the beach; one can collect only a few, and they are more beautiful if they are few. -Anne Morrow Lindbergh


The most authentic way of adding texture to your coastal inspired home is to use genuine beach treasures, such as sea glass, driftwood, and seashells. Genuine accessories will transform your room. Plus, they're free! Just remember 2 tips: less is more (there is no clutter in nautical design) and don't bother anything that is living!

Bare wooden floors are a staple in nautical decor and they help lend the light, airy feel of a coastal room. You can add warmth to them with natural fiber rugs like cotton and jute.

Choose distressed elements to add interest to your room such as colorful wooden buoys, nostalgic beach signs, a wooden oar, and even nautical charts.

Never underestimate the power of curb appeal...

Your front door is a first impression to all of your visitors. Make it a great one with a top quality Lobster Rope Doormat. Not only do they create a beautiful entrance but they help keep those bare floors clean. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, these welcome mats are resistant to moisture, mild, and mold. Plus, they are fast drying and easy to clean making them perfect door mats for outdoors. Pair one with rattan chairs, baskets, and throw pillows to transform your front porch into whatever you want it to be - from lake house to island getaway.

"There's no place like home. Except for the beach." - Anonymous


Lobster Rope Baskets are great choices for nautical accessories because they are so versatile. Perfect for displaying flowers, keeping magazines tidy, as a picnic basket, and a perfect place to keep the boat keys!

Lobster rope is commercial fishing rope designed to tether lobster traps to their buoys. Otherwise known as "lobster lines", this nautical rope can be used in so many decorating options.


Check our our list of nautical decor, including latitude/longitude glassware, as well as pillows, throws and more!

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Coastal Grandmother's Guide to Coastal Decor: 6 Timeless Tips