Coaster Crafted From Fieldstone Found On New England Farm

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Discover your coaster's farm provenance - the underside of each coaster is custom labeled with it's origin. Crafted from fieldstone found on farms all over New England. Each 1/2" thick coaster is approximately 5" (varies due to nature of product) and includes low-profile cork feed to protect your surfaces. Natural “live” edges from the stone’s glacial tumbling are preserved in the finished piece. Arrives in branded gift box with informative insert describing your new piece.

The History of Fieldstone Coasters
Long ago over 215,000 miles of stonewalls were hand built by New England farmers by removing stones in their field that were pushed there by the icy glaciers. New England stone walls are iconic to the area, dotting the fields and meandering through the woods. As time and modernization approached these walls were no longer built and have become less and less visible. The artisan who crafts these one-of-a-kind coasters started his studio to transform sustainably-grown and freshly-harvested rocks from working farms into treasured heirlooms that can be brought indoors and used in the home for the fist time. Not only does this endeavor share geology that has never been seen before, but it helps support working farms, in turn preserving open space and protecting the stonewalls that are so iconic to our region. The coasters begin as freshly “grown” fieldstones that are hand-harvested at working farms. Each rock is unique in shape and color, comprised of stone commonly called granite. The stone is transformed from a dull rock into a piece of art with gorgeously subtle color. This color is not the result of an outside product or lacquer, but of skilled grinding and honing to a low grit, maintaining the stone’s natural absorbancy. 

No two coasters are the same. Variations in color tone should be expected. Fieldstones, being natural, also have minor, non-structural fissures, pocks, scratches, chips, and other superficial flaws.

Crafted in Massachusetts