Custom Vintage Wood Plank Nautical Sign, Fastest Boat

Custom; Usually Ships in 2 Weeks
$20.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

New! Vintage wood plank signs to capture your favorite coastal getaway. Customize by body of water. Each nautical sign features original artisan hand-painted designs printed on distressed wood panels that feature knots and other unique wood characteristics of hemlock, fir, or alder, making each one-of-a–kind.  Each weathered look sign has the authentic feel of a real vintage sign. Measures 20 x 26" x 1" thick. Approximately 6 lbs. Finished and ready to hang. Indoor use only.

Personalize it to make it your own! With this wood plank sign you can replace "Squam Lake" with your favorite body of water as well as "Fastest Boat on the Lake". Keep "Fastest Boat on the" and just replace with the appropriate body of water (example, "Cape") or choose a completely new line altogether (example, "Where friends and family gather"). Have fun making your own special piece of nautical artwork!

Made in the USA.