Distressed Wooden Buoy, 12" x 3.75"

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A beautiful fit for any coastal home, our 12-inch decorative wooden buoys bring plenty of rustic seaside charm. Handcrafted from solid wood with a distressed look like it has been out to sea, each buoy also comes with a natural-toned rope used for hanging that enhances the authenticity of this beach home decor - perfect to hang on your wall or put on display on your end table. 

These wooden buoys are available in coastally chic colors, like navy and aqua, to round out the nautical color palette. Mix and match these charming colors to find your perfect pairing. One or two decorative buoys plus a Wicked Good Lobster Rope Doormat and a one-of-a-kind coastal wreath can tie your entire front porch together and lend that unforgettable seaside feel. Use them as indoor or outdoor nautical decor - these wooden buoys are a great nod to the sea (and a perfect gift to anyone who loves ocean-inspired decor!).

Each buoy measures 12" x 3.75" x 3.75". Made in the USA.

For varying sizes, mix and match with our 9" x 3.75" Distressed Wooden Buoys.