Floating Upcycled Coconut Shell Candles

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These artisan-crafted candles are hand-poured into genuine upcycled coconut shells - and they float! They also stand perfectly on any flat surface, for those who prefer to use them that way. All you need is a book, an afternoon, and one of these candles for a near-perfect day.

You will immediately enjoy the difference of candle that is hand blended with premium essential oils candles  - the pure scents elevate any experience. Each is 6 oz. See below to find the right scent for your home.

Lime in the Coconut: This is a clean tropical fragrance that infuses layers of citrus and lime essential oils into a coconut and musk base. Top note is lime and mandarin, which is what you'll experience first. Then a more mellow lemon verbena will be detected as the rounded-out middle note. The base note is Coconut and Wood for a balanced tropical scent. 

The Beach Bum: This is a complex fragrance blended to both lift your spirits with bright citrus top notes as well as calm your mind with soothing middle notes. Top notes include lime, mandarin, sea salt, and lemon. Middle notes include eucalyptus, green leaves, jasmine, and lilac. Base notes of coconut and wood round out this perfect summertime fragrance. Think laying on the beach enjoying bright tropical breezes. 

Beach at Night: Recreating the feeling of retreating to the beach at night, lit only by the moon, this fragrance starts clean with a citrus and sea salt top note. Then the middle notes of plum and cardamom create a mellow, warm feeling. The base notes of amber and dark musk round out this more dramatic scent that somehow invigorates while relaxing you. 

All natural soy and coconut waxes, phthalate free premium fragrance oils and essential oils, concentrated dyes, and a cotton wick. Hand poured in New England. 

How To Find The Perfect Candle Scent For Your Home

Appreciating the the top, middle and base notes helps you find the candle you'll want to burn time and time again. Top notes are the initial impression made by a blend of fragrance oils. This is what you first smell when you open a candle. Top notes are usually bright and fresh. 
Middle notes develop about 10-20 minutes after you have been burning the candle and they will be the most prominent scent. This is how you'll really remember the candle and are considered the candle's true "personality". Middle notes are detected after the top notes evaporate.
Base Notes are the scents that linger after the middle notes and often after you extinguish the candle. 

An experienced fragrance blender knows how to establish the right ratio between notes to achieve the most balanced and pleasing scent. 

Never leave a candle burning unattended. Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time. Keep wick trimmed to 1/4 in. before each lighting. Burn only on a stable, heat resistant surface. Do not burn directly on countertops or near anything that could catch fire. Discontinue use if the coconut shell cracks. Keep out of reach of children and pets.