Folding Wooden Salad Tongs - 8 Inch Cherry

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Yankee ingenuity at its finest! These 8 inch folding wooden salad tongs fold easily so you can store them neatly in your kitchen drawer. Made from North American hardwoods, these tongs are superior to those often found in stores which are made of secondary woods that lack the grain strength and beauty to be used as a working kitchen tool. Easy soap and water clean-up.  Choose from Cherry, Black Walnut, Sugar Maple, or Red Oak. Pair them with our 10 inch, 12 inch, or 15 inch solid cherry bowls for a unique and high-quality gift. 8 inches long. 

SAVE 5% when you get both the 8 Inch and 11 Inch Folding Wooden Salad Tongs Set.

Made in Vermont.