Genuine Slate Tapered Planter, 16"

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New! The Genuine Slate Tapered Planter is the perfect addition to any home or office and pairs beautifully with our 4" Bay Leaf Topiary and Lobster Rope Doormats.

With its simple, modern design, this planter enhances the presentation of your plants while not stealing the show. Its clean lines are perfect for those who love a minimalist approach to their design.

The deep blue gray color of the slate will complement most backgrounds and look stunning against all of our Lobster Rope Doormats. Plus the slate color serves as a perfect canvas for the bright foliage of your plants. You're going to love completing your front door look with this gorgeous 16" planter!

Height: 16 In.

Width: 11.75 In.

Depth: 11.75 In.