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Goodbye, Plastic Cups! Unbreakable Acrylic Is Here to Stay

Goodbye, Plastic Cups! Unbreakable Acrylic Is Here to Stay

Posted by New England Trading Co on 5th Oct 2021

Move aside, plastic Solo cups - our new Unbreakable Acrylic Drinkware line is taking center stage.

If you love entertaining guests outdoors in style but don’t want to risk your fine glassware, you might think about plastic.

But, how do you maintain your party’s elegance when using single-serve plastic?

Good news.

Our Unbreakable Acrylic line is shattering old plastic’s popularity (pun intended!)

It is an upscale, sophisticated and elegant line of crystal-clear, reusable drinkware that will enhance your next party in the most convenient of ways.

Crafted from premium acrylic material, our drinkware is engineered to be crystal-clear with exceptional clarity. You’d think they’re glass until you actually pick them up or drop them - each acrylic wine glass stands out because it is designed to retain its original luster and gloss.

Retains exceptional clarity - even after dishwashing

Use them again and again. Our premium Unbreakable Acrylic can go through the dishwasher, be used in the microwave or even the freezer, and will maintain their exceptional clarity. 

Trade in your single-serve plastic for a line of acrylic drinkware that endures for years. It’s a great investment for you and the planet.

Perfect for pool parties & backyard barbecues

Relax next time you have small children or pets at your backyard barbecue or pool party. Our drinkware is shatter resistant - no glass to worry about!

Stash a few stemless wine glasses in your beach tote or picnic basket - no problem! They won’t chip or break.

Personalized with precision laser engraving

Each piece is precision engraved - customize with your name, latitude longitude coordinates, or whatever you want! Our Master Engraver carefully creates each piece one at a time to ensure excellence.

Celebrate a new home or mark your favorite vacation spot - you can add your own lines of customization, from family and boat names to lake houses and anniversary dates. All carefully engraved with precision and crisp detail, our timeless nautical engravings make these glasses extra-special nautical gifts for your loved ones!

Plus these personalized unbreakable wine glasses arrive in a white gift box ready for gift giving.

Engineered with FDA approved materials and completely BPA free, there's no reason not to upgrade your outdoor drinkware to the longest-lasting and best on the market.

You can find our outdoor-friendly, unbreakable acrylic wine glasses here. Say goodbye to your plastic glasses - this one’s bound to be your next favorite set!

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Goodbye, Plastic Cups! Unbreakable Acrylic Is Here to Stay