Handcrafted Sea Star Decorative Plates, Gift Set of 4

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Stunning decorative plates inspired by the sea - each takes up to 3 hours for the artist to create using 8 meticulous steps. The result is a unique one-of-a-kind focal piece perfect for appetizers, dessert, soap dish, or as a decorative nautical accent. First, each 8" Sea Star Plate is crafted from a special spinning technique. Once the glass has cooled the artist hand-decorates each on the reverse of the glass. Next, a hand-applied patina pain is followed with gilding of the metal leaves on the surface. The surface is then cleaned of residue and the item is heat cured. Next an organic pigment is layered on by hand which allows the paint to soak in. The plate is then cleaned once more and sealed with a special lacquer for protection against usage. Lastly the plates are heated a final time for curing. Enjoy the artistry of each piece as texture, metal gilding, and organic painting are combined.