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Healing Stone Mugs

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Product Description

Sometimes a cup of tea solves everything. Served in a unique healing mug, coffee and tea can seem almost invincible.

Healing mugs are handcrafted on the potter's wheel and share with you healing energy in both touch and beauty. Healing energy begins with the clay and glaze, which are infused with quartz, minerals, and crystals. Additional levels of energy are achieved with their patented healing stone, each with its own electromagnetic energy pattern, carefully placed on the handle right where your fingers will touch it and then Reiki charged. Only the highest quality clay, glaze and stones are used in order to maximize the vibrational frequencies.

Choose from 4 different healing mugs:
Focus: a deep blue black mug paired with Tiger's Eye- a stone that aids in focusing the mind and often used in meditation.
Motivation/Creativity: an earthy brown mug with raspberry accents paired with the Carnelian stone. Carnelian is a stabilizing and protecting stone with high energy. It promotes motivation, creativity, courage, and positive life choices.
Master Healer: shades of lavender and jade mug paired with a clear quartz stone. Clear quartz is considered the master healer stone aiding many areas of the body, channeling positive energy, and clearing away negative energy.
Peace/Reflection: pale to medium blues and greens on the mug paired with jade stone. Jade is a symbol of purity and wisdom. A protective and cleansing stone that assists peace, calming and reflection.

This healing mug is the perfect fit for your hand, warming it as you drink. Measures approximately 4.25" by 3.5" diameter. At 14 oz. the mug is large enough for the tall mug setting on a Keurig brewer. Each made in the USA and arrives with a special card describing the stone.

Handwash only. Do not place in dishwasher or microwave.

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