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New Lobster Rope Doormats

nautical-stripes-logo.jpgNautical Rope Doormats Handwoven in Maine Using New Lobster Rope. Here by customer demand! These reversible Nautical Lobster Rope Doormats are handwoven from new Maine lobster rope made right here in the United States. This is the same rope used by lobster fishermen but, because it is new, is available in more vibrant colors and options than our recycled Original Lobster Rope Doormats.

Why nautical rope? Maine fishermen depend upon strong, virtually indestructible rope to tether and haul their traps in and out of the Atlantic. It's got to be tough enough to withstand seawater, mildew, wind, sun, snow, and rain. Just like your doormat! That's why these Maine doormats are in such high demand! And they even have added UV protection. Not only are they super-functional and practical, but they look great on your doorstep. Available in 3 sizes and each doormat is approximately 1" thick.

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