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How do Lobster Rope Doormats Work?

How do Lobster Rope Doormats Work?

Posted by Karen Marsh on 20th Oct 2020

Why Lobster Rope Doormats look great at any door. But how, exactly, does that special weave work to keep the dust and dirt out of your home? Read on...

Not Your Ordinary Doormat...

Lobster Rope Doormats, also known as Nautical Rope Doormats, are unlike any other welcome mat you'll find. Not only do they look different with their distinct colors and weave, but they work differently than traditional mats. Their simple design is deceiving... beyond their pretty face these hard working mats attack dirt, sand, and snow unlike any other.

How do Lobster Rope Doormats trap sand and dirt?

Trapping dirt is so messy! Don't get me wrong... with their super tough polypropylene rope and raised-weave design, they catch more dirt than your typical doormat... but they do not "trap" it as traditional mats do. Standard doormats operate on the premise that they collect and keep the sand and dirt from your shoes. They fill themselves up with it. The you have to vacuum, beat, and practically sage that 'yuck' out. Nautical rope doormats collect and release dirt thanks to their special weave. All you need to do is lift your mat up occasionally and sweep away the debris. This is why they last so long - they are not weighed down and filled up with yesterday's dirt.

How do you clean a Lobster Rope Doormat?

Unlike other doormats, Lobster Rope Doormats are easy to clean because you don't have to beat them incessantly. Just shake it out a bit or use a hose and wash it down. The rope was designed to tether lobster traps to buoys in the ocean so it's fully water, mildew and mold-resistant. Plus, it is fast-drying.

Are Lobster Rope Doormats made out of natural fiber, like coir doormats?

No. Our doormats are handwoven from long-lasting polyporpylene rope enginreed to withstand ocean weather in order to tether lobster traps to their buoys. Wind, rain, sun, salt, snow... not a big deal to these welcome mats. Natural rope breaks down much more easily with use and exposure to weather, plus it tends to shed over time.

What is the best Lobster Rope Doormat for me?

As long as it is sold on our site, and called a "Lobster Rope Doormat" or "Nautical Rope Doormat" you'll enjoy all the benefits. So, pick the one you like best for your front door, whether it is nautical colors or earth tones. They all last for years and are completely weatherproof. You can choose from Wicked Good Doormats, ColorWave Doormats, Nautical Stripes, or even Recycled Lobster Rope Mats.

Can Lobster Rope Doormats keep away unwanted guests?

Sorry - they actually tend to do the opposite! They're such conversation starters that the often attract people wanting to know what they are and how to get one! Just hide behind the curtains for a bit... :)

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