Lobster Trap Six-Pack Gift

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Made from authentic lobster trap materials, this colorful six-pack holder is handcrafted from lobster trap wire and rope, and makes the most unique coastal gift for anyone who loves boating, fishing, or just the beach. 

For a unique nautical gift to your friends and family, go ahead and grab their favorite six pack and give it to them in this handcrafted lobster trap. It can be used again and again to carry their drinks around or they can repurpose it as the ultimate coastal accessory to hold napkins, cutlery and condiments for dinners and picnics. Great for beach homes, boats, and lake houses, this lobster-inspired holder reflects how a connection to the waters truly means something special for you! 

Choose a nautical blue or classic red color - each Lobster Trap Six-Pack Gift measures 9.25"x 6.75" x 4.75". Made in New England.