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Magellan's Ship in a Glass Decanter for Whiskey & Wine

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New! Inside this hand blown glass globe decanter is an exquisite miniature of the ship Victoria, from Magellan's expedition to the Spice Islands, and the first to sail around the world. This intricate glass ship is meticulously handcrafted while the decanter is built around it. Etched around the glass globe are the continents of the world. A stunning wine, whiskey, or scotch decanter for any bar but especially for those with a sense of adventure. Simply fill the glass globe with your favorite vintage or spirits, insert the air-tight glass stopper designed to ensure air will not mix with the purity of your liquor, and place on the fine red oak wood base created by master craftsmen in the USA. Each decanter is classically designed for easy pouring, handmade to be one of a kind, crafted of durable, thick glass, and arrives to you meticulously packaged and protected in a descriptive gift box (ships in separate box). At 1000 ml you can fit a full fifth in it.  Measures 6"x5"x11".

Giving Back: for each decanter purchased the artisans will plant a tree right here in America. Of exceptional quality, this is one gift to be treasured for years to come.