Mini Wooden "Pinch" Bowls, Small Wooden Bowls, Set of 6

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Chefs love using these mini wooden bowls, known as prep bowls or pinch bowls, in the kitchen as they prep their food. Perfect for crushed herbs, seasonings, sea salt, and minced garlic. Hostesses love using our wooden pinch bowls as condiment cups as they make attractive individual serving pieces as well - use for dips, cocktail sauce, grated cheese, and more. Handcrafted from reclaimed wood - no trees are cut down for these eco-friendly bowls - each pinch bowl is carefully crafted by northern artisans with the finest care and attention to detail. Superior quality. Easy clean-up with soap and water.  Each prep bowl, or pinch bowl, measures approximately 2-1/2" in diameter and approximately 1" tall. Set of 6.

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Made in USA.

Brought to you by The New England Trading Company, Ltd.