Stone Drink Dispenser, Granite Cobblestone, for Wine & Spirits

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This granite stone drink dispenser is the coolest bar gift around! Handmade in Maine using rough-hewn, cobbled granite for the base and a naturally tumbled beach stone handle for the tap, each liquor dispenser will hold a .750 or 1.5ml bottle of wine or spirits. Your beverage is smoothly poured using the solid stainless-steel, leak-proof spigot (and we all appreciate a good pour). Each piece is one-of-a-kind and highlights the natural beauty of the stone. "We love it! It was a gift for my husband's bar at our home. It is beautiful and works just as said. It's also a great conversational piece. My first time ordering from here but won't be my last!" -Mary

Use alone or add height to the dispenser with a solid 4" x 4" granite stone riser (optional). There are 2 ways to add the bottle: you can turn the dispenser upside down and screw it onto the top of the bottle. For those who prefer another method, try the new Stone Drink Dispenser Stopper Accessory, which is used like a normal bottle stopper allowing you to turn the bottle upside down and place it in the dispenser. When you are ready to use it simply tug on the stopper's attached cord to dislodge the it and let the good times flow. You're ready to go!  

Easy to clean: with valve open, place in sink and run hot soapy water though dispenser. Rinse thoroughly. Not for use with carbonated beverages or long-term storage.

More Tips on Using Your Natural Stone Drink Dispenser.

How to Place a Bottle into the Stone Drink Dispenser with the Bottle Stopper Accessory


How To Put a Bottle into the Stone Drink Dispenser in 2 Easy Steps:

Artisan made in Maine.