Stacked Stone Lamp, Handcrafted from Beach & River Rocks

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Handcrafted from natural ocean and river stones collected throughout New Hampshire and Maine. The artists spend hours searching for the the right size, shape and texture to create these lovely stacked stone lamps. The smoothness of each stone has been made by the swirling currents and pounding surf over years and years. Each lamp is one-of-a-kind and distinct in its shape, color, and texture resulting in a functional piece of art. A unique addition to your home or cottage, or a lasting housewarming gift. 

Choose from 2 sizes: approximately 14-15 inches with shade or 24-25 with shade. The larger size is topped with a beautiful, natural stone finial, and are equipped with high quality brass twist switch.  Parchment paper shade is included with each lamp. 100 watt bulb recommended.

Handcrafted in New Hampshire.