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Nautical Flags, A-Z, 0-9, Maritime Signal Flags

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New! Spell out your name, a special date, favorite phrase, or even your latitude/longitude with these colorful nautical flags. Maritime signal flags are used for ships to communicate to other ships, or to shore. A series of nautical flags can spell out a message, each flag representing a letter. To spell out your latitude/longitude select the "L" signal flag for Latitude and follow it with 2 digits for the degrees (you can also add 2 more digits to denote minutes). Select the "G" signal flag for Longitude and follow it with 2-3 digits to denote degree, with the optional last 2 digits denoting minutes.

Each poly-blend 10" x 15" nautical signal flag is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Features a high quality double stitch construction, plus wooden toggle buttons and cordage loop to make it easy to string together and hang your creation.

Need a spacer for spelling out multiple words with your signal flags? Our Spacer Cordage matches these nautical signal flags.

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From a Newport, RI studio using imported materials.