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Personalized Highball Tumblers, Choose Your Nautical Design, Unbreakable Acrylic

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New! Outdoor-friendly highball cooler glasses are perfect for sipping your favorite tall cocktail on the beach, lounging on the deck, or floating in the pool.  This high grade acrylic glassware is impact and shatter-resistant so you’ll enjoy these unbreakable tumblers for years to come.

Engineered for exceptional clarity – looks and feels like glass!
Crystal-clear and engineered to retain its original luster and gloss, even after repeated dishwashing! Each engraved highball cooler looks and feels like real glass – but won’t break when you drop one. This durable acrylic is BPA-free and safe to use. You get the best of both world: stunning, clear drinkware with the longevity of acrylic.

Personalized with precision and crisp detail
Choose from one of our timeless nautical engravings. Then, add up to 2 lines of customization. Popular choices include last names, lake houses, boat names, anniversaries, wedding dates, first. Each glass is carefully precision-engraved for a crisp, clean finish.

Acrylic glassware – clearly better
With the latest advances in material science paired with strict production standards, this Made in the USA acrylic line is vastly improved from the drinkware of the past. With long-lasting clarity, stain resistance, odor resistance, and glass-like appeal the quality of this superior drinkware is unmistakable. Gift recipients will love the appearance and durability of premium outdoor glasses.

Made in USA
Unbreakable drinkware is made in the USA and custom engraved in Vermont. It's the best acrylic glass you can find! Set of 4 16 oz. highball coolers.

Additional care instructions: for best results, wash by hand with a soft cloth and gentle detergent. Do not use abrasives or brushes. If you would like to wash in the dishwasher please be sure to place on the top rack and use normal or low settings. As with all acrylic and plastic, avoid higher temperature settings such as “heavy duty”, “pots and pans”, or “steam clean” as these tend to reach temperatures greater than 140 degrees – no acrylic can sustain temperatures that high – and turn off any heated dry settings. Avoid jet dry and rinse agents. Some dishwashers (EnergyStar, Bosch, Meile, Thermador, & Viking offer a “steam clean” cycle that you want to avoid). Enjoy!