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Recycled Flip Flop Reef Fish, Medium, Hand Carved

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This vibrant reef fish was hand carved from recycled flip flops that otherwise would be littering our oceans and lands. A symbol of creativity and hope, it makes the perfect coastal accent for anyone who loves the sea. Use it as a pop of color indoors, or plant it near your door for a bit of whimsy. Always a conversation-starter this upcycled piece of art is something you can feel great about giving or receiving! Each is unique and will differ in color.

Measures 11" x 5.5" x 3.5" and crafted from 7 flip flop pieces. Each vibrant one-of-a-kind fish is handcrafted by Kenyan artisans and is a reminder of the innovative human spirit that can turn trash into treasure while supporting the livelihoods of hundreds of artisans and their families. Your purchase helps support future beach clean-ups and help responsible disposal of trash.