Recycled Sail Bag, Turquoise Starfish, Zipper Top, Medium

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Our new Recycled Sailcloth Bags are bigger and even stronger than before! We added a few inches here and there, improved upon the lining, and made sure it was roomier so you can fit up to 5 rolled beach towels and still have room for your sunscreen, phone, wallet, etc. Of course, these bags aren't just for the beach (being water-resistant makes them useful in many beachy situations, though!). From school to work, the market, or gym, our sail bags are a bright and sunny reminder of time well spent waterside.

Handcrafted from sails that have traveled the waterways of the world, it's the most unique bag you'll ever own. The original markings and characteristics of the sail are maintained for authenticity, Water-resistant, durable rust-free zippered top, with a full interior lining. Sturdy nautical rope handles and 3 interior pockets.

Each zippered tote measures approximately 19" wide x 13" tall. New styling adds an extra inch from seam to top, meaning you can fit more than ever. Also available in Large. Machine washable, dry flat. Handcrafted in the USA. Also available in Large.

Handcrafted in the USA

 Sail Bag, Recycled Sailcloth, Starfish