Sand Free UPF50+ Sunscreen Towel

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Keep the sand at the beach? Yes! Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays? Definitely! That's why we call this Sand Free UPF50+ Sunscreen Towel the World's Best Towel. Plus, it is super-absorbent, dries in under an hour, and wicks moisture from your skin. 

Oh, and it is super cute, too. 

  • With a quick-drying design and smooth, sand-free texture even when wet, it's perfect for days spent on the beach. The sand simply rolls off - leave it at the seaside where it belongs.
  • Get it wet and its moisture-wicking fabric will drive the heat away from your skin and keep it cool under the hot sun.
  • Weighing just 0.8 lbs., the Sunscreen Towel is lightweight, compact, and easily folds up to quickly stash in your beach bag - that's just how it rolls. It even dries under the sun in just an hour!
  • Stain-resistant and anti-microbial. Chemical-free. Makes a wonderful gift for ocean lovers and beachgoers.

This towel features special UPF 50+ fabric to keep you protected from the sun’s harmful rays while it is wrapped around you. Great for kids, too!