Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse Tide Clock with Moving Tide

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Located at the mouth of they mighty Connecticut River, the Saybrook Breakwater Light went into service in 1886. Now featured on this unique tide clock expertly crafted in New England. The tide on this clock actually moves with the real tide! These clever timepieces feature precision tide movement and a mechanically animated display all on a sleek, flat panel, modern design.  Tidepiece clocks are accurate nautical instruments. As the dial shows the hours to next tide, the picture shows the changing sea level - in sync with the actual tide! Now you'll always remember the best time to go to the beach. Choose from white or navy. Each clock can stand on its own with an included kickstand or you can easily mount it on the wall with is built-in hanger. Measures 11.5" x 6" x 2" and runs for a full year on one AA battery.

Made in the USA.