Sea Stone Drawer Pulls and Cabinet Knobs

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Free Shipping when you buy 3 or more! Ocean-smoothed stones hand-gathered (with permission ) from New England beaches create an atmosphere of harmony with nature. These innovative drawer pulls or cabinet knobs are smooth to the touch and oh-so-comfortable because the stems give more finger clearance. 
Stainless steel stems, not plated, mean the knobs will always look as beautiful as the day you install them. Each stone is drilled and securely mounted with a permanent bond. No glues or fillers - these knobs are built to last. All stones are gauged to fall within a similar size range. Available in two color palettes:

Naturals (most popular): This palette covers the full range of stunning colors and patterns that adorn our New England beaches. These stones have warmth, personality, and character that come from their natural variations.

: These are the same handsome stones as the Naturals, limited to a palette of primarily gray shades with fewer variations in color, shape, texture, and tone. This collection is for those who prefer a more standardized look.

For every stone harvested, a rough quarry stone is "replanted" in the water. Handmade in New Hampshire.