Seaworthy Sails Sailcloth Tote Bag, Zipper Top, Navy Anchor, Large

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New! After more than a year of development, we've perfected the perfect sail bag (in our humble opinion). These innovative sail bags are crafted from premium-quality sailcloth that is specially engineered for the soft sun-kissed feel of a well-loved cruising sail - but without the wear and tear of used sails. This nautical bag features an extremely durable new Dacron weave that resists sun and water so you can enjoy your sail bag for years to come. Plus, includes a water-resistant interior lining that resists tears and a rust-resistant zippered top. Keep your belongings safe with three interior pockets and sturdy natural cotton nautical rope handles sewn in for extra strength. Sand just falls right off of it so it's a perfect beach bag, and take it out on the boat - at 24" x 14" it fits all you need for your next beach or boat outing. Great for everyday use at the market, gym, school or more. Very easy to simply spot clean with a mild detergent. 

Takes the guesswork out of recycled sails
Designed for those who love the idea of sailcloth bags but want a uniform, clean look to theirs. Used sails come in all shapes and varieties - some have more resin than others and are still "crunchy" while others may have more markings and use apparent on them. A Seaworthy Sail bag is crafted with sailcloth that is new, bright, and soft to touch. We designed it with your input - and are excited to launch it in our overall popular design: Navy Anchor.

Popular group or corporate gift
Going away with the girls? Tuck in a beach towel, cute flip-flips, and sunscreen for a fun trip gift. Or, looking for a impressive company gift? These sail bags are great for anyone who travels; a great carry-on size. 

Made in the USA using American-made sailcloth.