Second Quality Lobster Rope Doormats, 21 x 33

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We always inspect every Recycled Lobster Rope Doormat™ before it ships and some may not meet our standards for appearance. Handwoven from the same original lobster rope used by Maine lobstermen to haul in their lobster traps, they are still great mats. Sometimes the colors don't have as much variety as we usually sell (which makes them terrific for those looking for that specific color!), perhaps the rope is a bit more frayed, or the size a tad off. They are still durable, long-lasting, authentic lobster rope doormats handwoven in Maine - looking for a good home.

Select by image: what you see is what you get! The doormat you see pictured is the exact doormat you'll receive - but, hurry - there's only 1 each! Truly unique nautical gems! Extremely limited supplies. We never know when we'll be able to offer more.  Still durable, long-lasting, and authentic lobster rope doormats handwoven in Maine.

Handwoven in Maine, USA.

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