Share-A-Plant Copper Root Starter

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Start new plants from old favorites!

For your next unique housewarming or hostess gift, why not share one of your favorite plants? It's a uniquely personal way to pass along an heirloom plant or quickly add more plants to your own home without a visit to the greenhouse.

Crafted from copper coated wire, each rooter includes a hand blown glass vase suspended on the frame and a copper coated extension hook for easy hanging. Welding marks at each joint are left black so each piece has its own unique look.

When not starting roots from cuttings, use your Copper Rooter Starter to display fresh flowers, dyed water, or even silk flowers. Adds color and life to any room. Choose from 4 designs.

How to Start Roots from Plant Cuttings
Many of your houseplants will successfully root from cuttings. Using sharp scissors cut off 4-8” shoots from the plant at a 30-degree angle. Remove all the lower leaves and any flowers.

Fill the hand blown glass vase approximately 2/3 full with tepid water. Insert plant cutting into the glass. Place the Copper Root Starter in an area where it will receive indirect light. Keep at room temperature. Change the water frequently.

Once roots start you may be surprised at how quickly they grow! Once roots are established place new plant in a moist pot filled with good potting mix and water well. Enjoy your new plant!