Shark Off Bracelet, Proven Shark Repellent

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The world's first proven shark repellent jewelry means you can lose your fear and love the ocean again! How does this proven and patented technology work? Sharks can feel the smallest amount of electrical impulses - and they don't like them. Shark Off bracelet's patented active element gives off just enough voltage to make a shark jerk away, even though it is imperceptible to us. The proprietary alloy that makes up the active element emits an electric field in water of about 1.5 volts - which is billions of times stronger than what a shark's sensors (called ampullae) can feel.  You don't feel  a thing but sharks sense it and it repels them. 

This research has been used to reduce shark bycatch in commercial fishing. Now as a wearable bracelet it is a deterrent to human interaction.

How do you wear Shark Off?
If you have one bracelet, wear it on your ankle since the majority of shark bites occur in lower extremities. If you have two then wear the other one on your opposite wrist. 

How do you care for Shark Off?
The bracelet's active elements dissolve slowly in water. After a day at the beach rinse the salt water off your bracelet. Or. even better, wear your beachy style Shark Off all the time if you want - in the shower or while washing your hands.  If you want to take it off, just rinse it and store where it can dry out (not in a plastic bag)

Does Shark Off really work?
Yes - while sharks can smell blood in the water for miles they can also pick up 5/1,000,000,000ths of a volt. This sense is so fine that sharks can detect the heartbeat of another fish. Shark OFF turns those senses against the shark and over stimulates them.  The patented active element in Shark OFF emits 1.5 volts - billions of times stronger than the shark can feel already. The effect on sharks is amazing, but you won't feel a thing.

OF COURSE, the best way to avoid a shark bite is to calmly and immediately get out of the water if you see one. That's the only way to GUARANTEE you won't get bitten.

Does Shark OFF hurt sharks?
No. While the patented technology is enough to make the shark jerk away it does not harm them and is imperceptible to us.

Get your ready-to-wear shark repellent bracelet today and enjoy the ocean again!